Thrift Store DIY Yourself Decoration Ideas!

Hello everyone! Glad to be back to blogging. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and lots of great times.

Today I have a few DIY decoration ideas with some items I got at the Thrift Store. I spent $12 on all three total.

If I can do this anyone can. I really mean that! It is so simple to take something from a thrift store and turn it into a piece of art or just something to make an area look better. Today I want to show you a window pane, a plain white shelf and a not so pretty wreath. One mans trash is another mans treasure!

Let's start with THE WINDOW PANE......

Very simple right? It's dirty, nothing special and what could you possibly do with this plain ol window pain?
You would probably walk right past this right? There are some really cute things you can do with this. I bought this special piece for $8!

This is the style that I plan on using for my window. The more antiqued the better. I am going to lightly sand it and give it a nice antique look and put pictures of my family in it. It is a smaller window pane but there are many out there in lots of different sizes. Oh the possibilities!!!!

A few other cute ideas you could do with different sized windows.

Cute idea comes from

I am on the look out for windows to make this! I love it!

See how just a few cute ideas can turn something so simple into to something amazing? Use your imagination or someone elses! It is so much cheaper and rewarding when you do it yourself. You get a sense of accomplishment when you're done.

Now on to the PLAIN WHITE SHELF......

I bought this plain shelf for $3.00 at the thrift store. Nothing special and very plain. If you saw this would you pick it up? All I did was have my son screw a few screws in it (I could have done it but he was eager to help) and Voila! Now it is a little prettier.

I really needed a shelf above the sink where there was a bare wall to put a few things on so they weren't sitting on the sink. I bought this shelf for that.

Within a few minutes I now had a cute little shelf that added so much more to the sink area than a bare wall and it only cost $3.00.Wow, I think I need to add some color to my walls!

I love it! I might add some paint to it as well. SO SIMPLE AND SO CHEAP!

Here are some other cute ideas for a PLAIN WHITE (or any color) SHELF....

Add a piece of wood and some small hooks.


See? It really is that simple, find your style!

Last but not least the NOT SO PRETTY WREATH.....

I saw this on the Thrift Store wall for months and then it hit me (I actually felt sorry for it that no one wanted it) that I could save it and make it pretty!  I bought it for .50 cents along with another lost and unwanted wreath.

I took it home and took all the goodies off so it was just a plain grapevine wreath. Then with the wonderful world of the Internet and pinterest of course I found some really great ideas to make these wreaths useful again. 

SO SIMPLE! Yet so adorable.

Cute idea.

All these wreaths are grapevine with something added to them with wire or hot glue gun.
 We can make these ourselves without spending a fortune!

It is a blank canvas ready for the masterpiece to begin....

What would you do with these? Please share! Would love to see anything you have created.

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