TIP: Freeze Avocados! Who knew?!

Picture and Source from Pink Sugar Bowl

Freeze your Avocado's!

Really? How come I don't know this already???? If I don't know it then there has to be others that don't know it! This is huge!! I have lost so much money in Avocados going bad over the years. I would freeze them to make guacamole. I love guacamole and never have avocados when I want them and then if I go to the store they aren't ripe enough yet. 

Click HERE to find out how to freeze them properly at Pink Sugar Bowl. There are lots of comments on her page that have some good suggestions on how to keep them from browning as well with lemon and lime juice. 

This is a great idea and I am so happy to have this information. This is going to be great when those Avocados go on sale. Enjoy!

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