French Bread Pizza

French Bread Pizza
This weekend we went to our small hometown Christmas Parade. We went last year when it was 6 degrees outside and this year it was 48 degrees.  I love small town parades, there is just something about them that makes you love where you live. I love the Christmas one here because it is done at night so everything is decorated in lights.  We had a great time.

 French Bread Pizza
We made this for dinner tonight. This is the easiest pizza, it's different and it is so good. The kids loved the pepperoni and cheese on that I made for them. I made a second one with extra added goodies for my husband. Very cheap to make and super easy. Next time you are at the grocery store pick up one of the fresh French bread loaves they have out.
One loaf of French bread
1 jar of pizza sauce (I used Prego Spaghetti sauce)
Mozzarella and Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Any extra toppings you like
Cut the loaf of French bread in half long ways and put desired amount of sauce on top. Add cheese then toppings. Cook at 500 degrees until cheese is melted and bread is slightly browned on the edges. Don't be afraid to load on those ingredients.
Recipe adapted from What's cooking with Ruthie

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