DIY No sew placemat pillows

One thing that lacks around my house is decorative pillows. NOT ANYMORE! Every time I go buy one they are so expensive I never end up getting one.  Really good looking pillows are so darn expensive!! So, I was so excited when I saw this tutorial on a NO SEW way to make Place Mats into pillow cases. It was so easy I couldn't believe it. I watched a lifetime movie and made six pillow!

My daughter and I went to the Thrift Store this week and found in the free bin a whole bunch of place mats that were brand new with the tags still on them. They had been sitting in the store for .10 cents and piece and no one bought them so they put the in the free basket.

These are a few of the place mats and as you can see some of them have different fabric on the backside which is perfect for these pillows. They have to be double sided place mats for this to work. Don't you just love these patterns?

Here are the items that you will need:

One big bag of POLY-FIL that you can buy at Walmart for $8.50 a bag. This bag will make about five pillows.

You will also need a Seam Ripper, Liquid Stitch and a few clothes pins. That's it! Nothing else is needed. It is that simple.

When I said no sewing I meant it!
I opened the seam about three to four inches with the seam ripper on the short side end of the place mat. Just open a few stitches and then pull it open and it will be much easier to pull apart then to do every stitch.

Once it is open you start stuffing to whatever type of thickness you want.

Then you apply the liquid stitch (this stuff is amazing) spread it around a little but then press and close up the seam with your fingers, apply a few clothes pins.This stuff seals it right up and you can't even tell. I never even knew this existed!

Voila! A darling pillow made in about 15 minutes. They are so easy and look great!

These are the few pillows I made and the only reason I stopped is because I ran out of stuffing!

Picture of the backside.

The possibilities are endless! There are so many cute fabric place mats out there. Take a look at your Thrift Store and see what cute ones they have there that I guarantee will be very cheap!
This was such a fun project and I love the pillows and can't wait to do more!


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