How to cook the perfect eggs and more.

I learned this trick many years ago from my Dad who used to be a Firefighter. The guys would take turns cooking and my Dad used to cook breakfast and this is how he would make the eggs. They called them "Fireman Eggs" my kids call them "Bubble Eggs" and I call them "Fireman Bubble Pretty Eggs". When you make them this way you don't have to fry them in oil and they come out sooooo pretty. Whenever I have guests over and make these they always ask how I make the eggs look so nice.

So, I am here to show you today how to make Fireman Bubble Pretty Eggs. Who needs IHOP or Denny's when you can make this at home and save money? Cheap is so much better!!!!

Aren't those pretty? Add some bacon and hash browns and you have a delicious breakfast. 

It is super easy and way less fat from frying. All you need is a pan, a little bit of water, cooking spray and eggs. That's it! Pretty simple stuff.

Turn on the stove to medium-high then spray the pan with cooking spray.

You will start to see the egg white turn white.

Once they egg whites are white and start to bubble pour enough water to where a water ring forms around the edge. It will start to steam then you want to cover the eggs with a cover that will keep the steam in. The trick is the steam will cook the eggs. 

After about a minute check the eggs. They will be over easy most likely at that point. You can shake the pan to see how much the yoke moves. If you want them more over medium you can put the lid back on and cook long and then shake again. 

When they are where you want them to be take the spatula and gently loosen them from the bottom and transfer them to a plate. 

 Cut the excess egg whites off that you don't want and then put they eggs on your serving plate. 

I add a little salt and pepper.

Add some bacon, hash browns, (I like a little Cilantro and even sometimes a scoop of Pico or Salsa on the side) and Voila!  Who needs to spend money when you can make it better than the restaurant. Your friends and family will be so impressed. 

Crispy Hashbrowns

 This is a good website that shows you how to do it. Mine is pretty close to the same thing. I LOVE crispy hashbrowns.  SOURCE

Perfect Oven Bacon

You don't have to deal with the popping of the oil and you can have the bacon cooking in the oven while you  are doing everything else!

And there you have it. You now can make your own pretty breakfast and save money by doing it at home. Hope you enjoy today's post and thanks for stopping by!



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