Ladder Home and Garden Decorating.

I have an old ladder that we got from my parents a while back. It isn't really old but it is old enough where the sticker is still on it and it only cost $6. We took it because we needed a ladder but it isn't safe to use anymore and I have had my eye on it wondering what kind of decor I could do with it. 

I love old ladders. Especially the vintage ones, they are comforting to me. I started looking on the internet to see what different ideas I could find for my ladder and they it dawned on me to blog about it and share with you what I found. 

Please make sure you read the bottom of the post where it talks about the safety of decorating with ladders in your garden and home. 

Here is my ladder in the garage waiting to be turned into something great....

I just LOVE these colors. 
This beauty is what I have decided to do with  my ladder. 


Can't wait for Spring!  SOURCE

This is one of my second favorite!  SOURCE

I really like this one too. The love rustic look with the jars. 


I hope you like these ideas as much as I did!

Next time you go to the Thrift Store or a Garage Sale and you see and old ladder or any ladder for cheap you can now look at them in a whole new light. You will be able to see some ideas that you can do with it instead of passing it up and not even noticing it! That is why I do this blog is to put ideas in your head when you see something you normally wouldn't ever think to do anything with and turn those items into home decorations. Have fun!
 I can't wait to get mine started. 

Please review some safety rules on Ladder decorating for the home and garden HERE


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