Spinach and Cheese Strata

Picture by Annie Eats

Spinach and Cheese Strata

Well, if you can look at this picture and not instantly be hungry than you are a better person than I am. I just love love love anything baked with cheese. It might be a slight obsession.

I have the house to myself and it is so quiet! I almost feel uncomfortable because I am so used to the loud noise with the kids. Whoa........Maybe I will make some popcorn and play on Pinterest.

Before I do I want to share this yummy Spinach and Cheese Strata that I found at Annie Eats. I think it looks wonderful and would be great to serve for a nice brunch. Nom Nom.

Click HERE for the recipe

I just thought this was a really cool looking bird so I posted it. It is kind of what I look like and feel like when I wake up in the mornings....I am not a morning person.

Off to play I go......I might pop back on by later if I find something good or decide to make a late night snack. 

Speaking of popcorn. This cracks me up every time I see it! A couple of years ago I went to take a bite of a piece of popcorn and felt like it was staring at me......so I took a picture. He is even shined up with butter. I love it.

Hope you enjoy the recipe and pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!

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