Buffet Pancake Dippers with Bacon



Today before I talk about this delicious recipe I would like to wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day. I am truly grateful for and hope that we can all remember those who sacrificed their lives for this great country. 

 ”A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

Buffet Pancake Dippers with Bacon

When I came across this recipe my girls came in the room and saw the pictures on the computer screen. They immediately jumped up and down asking if we could have this for breakfast in the morning. My kids are pancake lovin bacon dippers. This was a huge hit for them and if it made them that excited I had to share it.

Instead of making pancakes and bacon separate now you can have the best of both
worlds in this clever, less messy and convenient dipping style.  I thought this was a great idea. Would be a great way to serve lots of people for breakfast if you have guests.

Are you a bacon syrup dipper?

I found this wonderful recipe on this great blog called The Lady Behind the Curtain. You will really like her page. Click below for this recipe and other great recipes too. 

Click HERE for the Recipe

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