Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals GIVEAWAY!

Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals Giveaway!

A Natural Alternative to ADHD and more. 

What started out as being something that has helped my son drastically with his severe ADHD has grown into a blend that has helped so many people with so much more.  I wanted to do an updated post to share with you the many different things that Jeddy's Blend is helping with. 

Jeddy's Blend is having wonderful results for lots more than just ADHD and ADD. I have received testimonials on Autism, Mood Swings, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Hot Flashes and more. which is why I wanted to share with you what other types of issues this blend is helping. 

Many people who have ordered Jeddy's Blend have never had or experienced Essential Oils before. Essential Oils are wonderful and we use them in our home every single day. I very rarely have to take my kids or myself to the doctor. A good PURE Essential Oil can get expensive because most companies are Multi-Level and have to charge more to pay their down lines. I have found an Essential Oils Company that is not Multi Level and has the same PURE quality essential oils for less money. This is now going to give millions of people a chance to use these amazing oils to help take care of themselves and their families. 

The testimonials have really been amazing so please read them if you haven't had a chance too. Here are just a read all the testimonials click HERE.

I have had the privilege of working with the young man who is the
inspiration for Jeddy¹s blend for the past seven months.  I have observed
this young man closely in a 2nd grade classroom spanning across all subject
areas.  For the first six months or more this young man was very hard to
focus. He was easily distracted, he interrupted frequently, had a hard time
keeping his hands to himself, struggled to stay focused on his work and
struggled to focus during instruction times.  However the week before parent
teacher conferences I noticed a dramatic change in this individual. He was
focused, attentive, calm, respectful and the quality of work he submitted
was a vast improvement from the previous six months!  I was eager to find
out the reason for this transformation and was flabbergasted to discover
essential oils were the answer!  In my opinion the proof is in this young
man¹s remarkable change in the matter of a week after using Jeddy¹s blend.
Truthfully I wish I could share this with more hyperactive children who have
difficulty focusing attention to their task.  Thank you for giving this
young man a chance to demonstrate how successful he can be!  It¹s such a joy
to be able to interact with this young man and speak to him about how
intelligent, capable and amazing he is instead of focusing our conversations
on his disruptions.  - Jeddy's Second Grade Teacher 2013 Ms. Hough. 

"Great news! For the first time all year Romier has has 6 days of smiley faces! This is great!"

Hi Dori,

"The oils are working well! I used some on my wrists before I sent it with my kids and I slept so well for the first time in years. I have auto immune disorder due to Epstein Barr Viral infection and West Nile Viral infection as well as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I am sending another $58.00 thru Paypal to you. Please send out another 1/3 oz bottle."

Jeddy's blend has been awesome. Yesterday, I had a horrible day with the verge of 

many panic attacks (I suffer from ADHD, Anxiety) and this blend 

prevented many full blown panic attacks and many crying spells. It is a winner for 


"Dori, my grandson who i am raising has some anger issues. We started using Jeddy's Blend last week. I now have an entirely different boy. He still has his moments but now they are few and far between. He even asks for the oil and looks forward to having his feet rubbed Thank you thank you thank you." - A

Hi Dori,
I received the small bottle of Jeddy's blend about 10 days ago and immediately starting using it on my 6 year old Autistic daughter. She has had disruptive sleep, some periods of time worse than others, and she has a lot of anxiety. I feel that she has been more relaxed since starting the blend. I roll it on her feet at bedtime and before school and then rub it in. Whatever is left on my hands I rub on her wrists. Four days ago when I rubbed her wrists, I noticed that the swelling had reduced on her cyst that had been produced by wrist snapping (excessive flapping) after a bout of scarlet fever that she was hospitalized for last year. Maybe it is just coincidence, but that cyst has been so swollen for a year now and I was afraid they would want to surgically remove it. Now it is less than half it's original size. I believe it is because she is more relaxed and her flapping has reduced just in the last week. She is also sleeping peacefully. Jeddy's Blend has definitely helped our situation! 

If you haven't been able to afford Essential Oils please take a look at Spark Naturals. They offer 5ml and 15 ml bottles for cheaper. These are PURE Essential Oils and they Certified Pure Pharma Grade. They can offer them for less because it is not Multi Level Marketing. I would never suggest a company that I haven't tried the oils myself. 

If you want to purchase oils from Spark Naturals use the code JEDDY to get AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF!


I am excited to offer a GIVEAWAY for Jeddy's Blend and  Spark Natural Oils

One WINNER will win the following:

 One Large Jeddy's Blend
One Small Jeddy's Blend
One Spark Naturals Essential Four Pack -
 Includes a 5ml of Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and Melalueca

How to enter:

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Entries will be accepted until Sunday June 2nd at 11:59pm MST. Winner will be announced on Facebook on Monday. 


 A Natural Alternative for ADHD

Pure Essential Oils - An Affordable Option

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