The Bomb -Spark Naturals Essential Oils - A Force To Be Reckoned With

"The Bomb" Spark Naturals,  Shield - Melaleuca - Oregano

In my opinion every single household should have these three oils in their home. When the first symptoms of someone getting sick appear this should be the first thing you grab. We call it the "Bomb" because it bombs out the virus.  Colds, Flu or just don't feel right start this right away. Don't wait!

One thing that is special about PURE Essential Oils that they can penetrate a cell and kill a virus when Antibiotics can't.  When you use these three oils together every three hours they will can continue to kill the virus until it is gone.  Don't miss. Keep it in your purse, car, work just in case the symptoms start to appear. 




How to apply:

Adults - Using a 00 empty capsule (you can purchase these at your local health food store or Amazon), fill with 5 drops of Spark Naturals Shield, 4 drops of Melaleuca and 3 drops of Oregano.  Did you know that Oregano is a natural antibiotic?  Take every three hours and don't miss a dose! If you miss a dose you will be giving the virus time to multiply. Take with food. 

Children - Apply to the bottom their feet. You can mix the recipe up and then add Fractionated Coconut Oil to it to dilute it before putting on their feet. I would add a teaspoon of carrier oil  If there is a fever you can apply 1 drop of diluted (5 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil) Peppermint to their feet as well to help cool them down. I like to put a cold rag on their head as well but not with Peppermint on it. 

In the Diffuser I usually diffuse Respire if they are sick in their room. Shield in the other rooms to kills any airborne pathogens. In the middle of the night I refill the diffuser with more. Lavender helps them sleep as well. 

There are lots of good Diffusers out there but you don't have to get an expensive one. 
My favorite is the Spa Vapor. The kids love it because it changes SIX different colors and they can watch it while they sleep. You can purchase these at:

Use the code SPAVAPOR and you will get at $24.99 discount which brings it to only $25.00. I have one of these in every room. 


I promise you if you have these in your home the next time someone presents the symptoms of being sick you will be happy that you were able to treat them at home. 

For more information on ordering these affordable oils see 

When placing an order use the code JEDDY to get an additional 10% off!

Spark Naturals  products are Certified Pure PharmaGrade -(CPPharmaGrade™) - a physical standard ensuring our products are of the appropriate identity, strength, quality, purity, and consistency – standards used internationally for quality and purity.  Our raw materials are tested and authenticated to be of pharmaceutical grade purity.

Please contact me at if you have any questions. 

I have been doing Essential Oils for a while now. I would never suggest anything to you that I haven't tried out myself and that I felt was the utmost in quality. I believe in these oils and it now will give those who haven't been able to afford it a chance to order some oils to take care of their families. Remember with children to ALWAYS dilute the oils. 

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