Essential Oils for Depression

Depression and Essential Oils

When something works for our family I feel that it is important to share it with the rest of you even if it is something simple. When it comes to Depression any help is good.

Depression is real, it is hard for those who have to deal with it and hard for those who live with someone who does. I did a post recently on Anxiety and these two usually go hand in hand.

This is a simple post on how Essential Oils have helped our family with Depression. My husband wanted me to share his story with you hoping that it can help someone else that might be going through the same thing. 

My husband fell at work 15 months ago. Since then he has been in terrible pain and hasn't been able to work. This is a man who has worked his whole life, has served our country as a soldier and takes pride in his work and all the sudden he couldn't anymore. He was spiraling and his moods and feeling down got worse and worse. I had never seen him like this and I was starting to get very worried. No matter what I said or did nothing helped. 

My sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) told me to start him on Frankincense Essential Oil under the tongue right away(putting it under the tongue gets it into the system quicker), 3 drops on the morning and three drops at night. She also said to put a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil in a bottle of water during the day.  He was willing to try anything at this point. I put the drops under his tongue and within a few minutes he was already feeling that sense of doom starting to drift away. It was truly amazing to watch this transition. Something so simple made such an impact and gave him a mental relief he so badly needed. He started the Lemon in the water and now is a faithful user of both every day. 

I now have my husband back, he is still in pain (another post to come on dealing with pain), but he is happier and is able to lead a normal life. I can't thank my sister enough for her knowledge of Essential Oils and her dedication to sharing them with others. 

Just yesterday morning he woke up feeling really bad. I reminded him to take the Frankincense. Within 30 seconds it was gone. 

I use Spark Naturals Essential Oils. They are 100% Certified Pure PharmaGrade. If you are ingesting an oil make sure that it is a pure oils that can be ingested. Spark Naturals offers a 5 ml and 15 ml bottle so you can try the smaller one to test it. This is a great option for those more expensive oils. They are worth every penny. Use the code JEDDY and get an additional 10% off. This is not a MLM company and there are no fees. Just a great affordable place to buy oils.

Using a Diffuser in the home is a must! Everyone in the home will get the benefit of it. Make sure you get a good Diffuser that is meant for Essential Oils.  

This is my opinion and experience in what helps our family. Jeddy's Blend has changed our lives in many ways. I highly recommend using Jeddy's Blend in addition to the Frankincense. I will never be without Essential Oils again. 

Depression should never be ignored. You should contact your physician if you have any questions, this is an alternative to try. A very good one. 

Never give up, there is always HOPE.

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