Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals - A Natural Alternative for ADHD

Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals Announcement

Today is a great day for our family. Tomorrow we will be celebrating Jeddy's 8th Birthday. Tonight was the announcement that Spark Naturals will be making and selling Jeddy's Blend. 

We are so excited about this for so many reasons. It has been such a wonderful experience to meet people all over the world who share the same thing which is wanting a natural alternative for their child. It has been such a pleasure to speak with the different families and listen to the testimonials as they come in. It warms my heart to see these children doing better and these families in a happier place. We are very blessed. 

Yesterday Jeddy did the Spartan Kids Race where they had to run a mile obstacle course twice.  This may not be a big deal but before Jeddy's Blend he would have never done this. Jeddy's confidence was so low and he couldn't focus long enough to complete anything. He was in the front pack of the runners and did an amazing job. He had determination and the confidence to know he could do it. I couldn't have been prouder. Jeddy's Blend truly has changed our families life. 

If you haven't read Jeddy's Story please read it HERE. This was the post where we originally shared Jeddy's Blend with others.  The testimonials started to roll in on how it was working just as well for many others. The nice surprise was the additional testimonials of ADD, Anxiety, PTSD, Autism and more.  They are amazing transformations. 

How do you apply Jeddy's Blend?

Jeddy's Blend is applied to the feet and under the toes and then rub it in with your hands (you will also get the benefit of it). You can also apply it to the back of the neck, spine and on the wrists. 

What is in Jeddy's Blend?

Jeddy’s Blend contains: Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Vetiver, Patchouli & Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Jeddy's Blend can be purchased below for $28 for the a 5ml bottle and for $58 for the 15ml bottle. Each size will come with a glass  roller bottle. Use the drop down menu to choose your size. 

Jeddy takes the roller bottle to school with him in his pocket and uses it when he needs it.

How to purchase

                                                                              Jeddy's Blend

(price includes shipping within the US - additional charge outside of US - please email me at for quote on internationally)

Please send me an email at with any questions that you have  Payment accepted through Paypal only. This is a non-refundable offer. To pay with Paypal simply click on Buy Now above or go to Paypal and click on send money. Send it to email address and fill out the rest of the information. Once I receive your payment I will send your package. If you don't have Paypal it is very easy to create an account.

When Spark Naturals and Jeddy's Blend came together it was meant to be. Jeddy's Blend was growing from word of mouth rapidly and we were selling in 8 different countries! My goal was to reach as many people as I could to let them know about this alternative before having to put their children on medication. I was impressed by their oils that I started to only use them for all of our family Essential Oils. I am a huge advocate for Essential Oils and teaching others to use them in their homes. I would have never put Jeddy's Blend in the hands of a company I didn't believe in 100%. These are high quality Essential Oils that have made Jeddy's Blend even stronger and better. 

Spark Naturals is not a MLM company. No sign up fees or membership fees, just a place to purchase good high quality oils. These are very affordable because they can be. There are no downlines to pay. 

Diffuse Diffuse Diffuse!

Use 3 drops of Jeddy's Blend to diffuse so the whole household can get the benefit of it. 

*NOTE - There are some Diffusers out there that can't have Oil (not EO) in it. This has some Fractionated Coconut Oil in it so please check your Diffuser instructions.

Use a couple of drops in the bath. 

Put a couple of drops on a cotton ball and put in your A/C vent to diffuse while driving. 
Testimonial from Jeddy's teacher. 

I have had the privilege of working with the young man who is the
inspiration for Jeddy's blend for the past seven months.  I have observed
this young man closely in a 2nd grade classroom spanning across all subject
areas.  For the first six months or more this young man was very hard to
focus. He was easily distracted, he interrupted frequently, had a hard time
keeping his hands to himself, struggled to stay focused on his work and
struggled to focus during instruction times.  However the week before parent
teacher conferences I noticed a dramatic change in this individual. He was
focused, attentive, calm, respectful and the quality of work he submitted
was a vast improvement from the previous six months!  I was eager to find
out the reason for this transformation and was flabbergasted to discover
essential oils were the answer!  In my opinion the proof is in this young
man's remarkable change in the matter of a week after using Jeddy's blend.
Truthfully I wish I could share this with more hyperactive children who have
difficulty focusing attention to their task.  Thank you for giving this
young man a chance to demonstrate how successful he can be!  It¹s such a joy
to be able to interact with this young man and speak to him about how
intelligent, capable and amazing he is instead of focusing our conversations
on his disruptions.  - Jeddy's Second Grade Teacher 2013 Ms. Hough. 

If you know someone who is dealing with ADHD or ADD that is struggling and wants to try an alternative before putting their child on medication please tell them about Jeddy's Blend. It has done amazing things for our family and it is a small investment to the alternative. I hope that you will have the wonderful results that we have had along with many others. Please email me at if you have any questions. 

Thank you for all your support. 
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