Family favorite Strawberry Banana Sundae - Toffee Topping

Strawberry Banana Sundae with
 Heath English Toffee Bits

This is a serious family favorite around our house when it comes to dessert which is fine with me because it is SUPER EASY to make. 


Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Syrup
Toffee Bits (they are by the chocolate chips)
Whip Cream (optional) 

Put a scoop of ice cream in bowl and add some sliced Strawberries and Banana's. Pour on some chocolate syrup and sprinkle with toffee bits. That's it! You're family is going to love you! I would have put whip cream on top but didn't have any.

Make this for dessert tonight and you will be considered a Super Hero!

Beware of the English Toffee Bits. Eat at your own risk. They are amazing and wonderful and you might just find the bag tucked away in your purse and find yourself snacking on them while you drive. Just saying!

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