Monkey Squares

 Monkey Squares

 Last night while we were comfortably sitting and talking, me and my husband heard my 10 years old screaming. We immediately jumped up and ran outside. She was running down the street screaming with blood running out of her mouth. Poor thing had fallen off the Scooter and face planted right into the asphalt, chipped her tooth and her tooth went through her lip. 

Not a happy girl and guess what today was????
Picture day at school! Yay! She has a big fat lip with a hole in it. Poor thing. So traumatizing for a 10 year old girl having to take pictures. Good thing she had her helmet on.  I told her someday she will look back on this and laugh. She gave me a dirty look, some strange growl came out and she stormed out of them room. OK, maybe 20 years.....

So, how was your day? :)

Hopefully these delicious Monkey Squares will make it better. I found this delicious recipe at The Girl Who Ate Everything. She has such a cute blog with a great selection of different recipes. You will really enjoy it. The comments and review of these Monkey Squares are really good!

 Click HERE for the Recipe

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