Quick and Easy Orange Rolls

 Pictures by Your Homebased Mom

 Quick and Easy Orange Rolls

If you haven't had the chance to experience Orange Rolls you are in for a big treat. They are amazing. My dear Aunt Marianne who passed away several years ago made the most amazing rolls ever every Christmas. That is how I fell in love with Orange Rolls. This is a quick and easy recipe but if you want a more in depth recipe let me know. These look wonderful and I am all about simple!

You will get the oohhhhh and aahhhhh when eating Orange Rolls and it will be a recipe you keep for years. 

I found these amazing rolls on Your Homebased Mom. She has an absolutely adorable blog. I have become a follower of this one. I just love finding darling blogs like this. 


Click HERE for the recipe

Happy Wednesday. Have a wonderful day and please share if you make these!

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