Homemade Light "Boursin" Garlic and Herb Cheese

 Picture by The Gallery Gourmet
Homemade Light "Boursin" Garlic and Herb Cheese

 It was unusually warm this evening on Halloween here in WY. It wasn't just last week that we had 9 degree weather and tonight we were wearing T-Shirts. It was awesome. The kids looked so adorable, had a great time and have enough candy to last a year. Getting them to settle down and go to bed was a chore but they are quietly sleeping now. I love that they are still young enough to enjoy this.

Here are my kidlets...

Now, let's talk Food instead of Candy.

I was really happy when I found this recipe because I LOVE BOURSIN CHEESE SPREAD!

I don't buy it very often because it is just to expensive so I make it last a long time and enjoy every bite. Now I can make this and have it anytime I want.

I have used Boursin on sandwiches instead of Mayonnaise and it is amazing. You can use it so many different ways. You can dip vegetables in it, put on crackers, spread on baguettes and use on sandwiches.
I found this recipe on The Gallery Gourmet. Wonderful recipes to search through and a great blog.
 Click HERE for the Recipe.


 Hope you had a wonderful Halloween.

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