Roasted Ranch Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese

 Picture by Joyously Domestic

 Roasted Ranch Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese

 I am just about to run to the store to get groceries and guest what ingredients will be on my list?????

I have been really trying to plan my meals out ahead of time so I know what to buy instead of just buying a whole bunch of random stuff and hope it all comes together. I have done that for years and have wasted so much money. My kids seriously have bottomless pits in their stomach. They NEVER STOP EATING!
 why does this happen? ;)
 Oh my goodness, I honestly think that I could eat a whole pan of this myself. These look absolutely wonderful!  Potatoes are so cheap to buy and something like this is nice and filling. I would serve this with a salad with Ranch Dressing and maybe a vegetable. I love this dish!

This would also be a great side dish to bring to a gathering. Easy, cheap and pure heaven.

I found this at Joyously Domestic. She couldn't have taken a better picture of this. Reeled me right in! She has some other wonderful looking recipes. Thank you Angela for you great wisdom with Potatoes. :)

Click HERE for the Recipe

 Ahhhhh, just look at those....

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