Salt and Vinegar Broiled Potatoes

 Picture by Umami Girl

Salt and Vinegar Broiled Potatoes

I have a slight (oh so slight) addiction to Salt and Vinegar chips. OK, I admit it I am a potato junkie. There I said it! Any kind of chip is my weakness, especially Salt and Vinegar.  Now that I have admitted my weakness, what is yours? :) Makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one. 

When I ran across this post on Umami Girl I figured for the sake of health these would be much better for me than potato chips in the bag. These are broiled but would also be really good on the grill when warm weather approaches.

The reviews are really good in her comments and they look so delicious with those slightly browned edges. This will be going on my "Anything Potatoes" Board on Pinterest. If you are a potato lover like me you will like it. 

Click HERE for the Recipe

Thank you Umami Girl for your delicious recipe!

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