Bakery's Banana Pudding

Back in the Day's Banana Puddin Pie 

Forgive me, it has been a VERY long long week in the courts. Seriously, you just can't imagine what goes on behind the scenes in a court. Love my job though. My kids came in to visit and got to sit in the Judge's chair in the courtroom. I told them you never want to be standing in front of this chair unless you are a lawyer. 

I will be a baking fool this weekend catching up on what I want to make so stay tuned.....

In the meantime I found this oh so amazing looking Banana Puddin Pie (I love the word Puddin) from Ezrapoundcake.  My sister Rebecca also makes a killer Cocunut Cream Pie if you are interested. You can view that one at Camp Wander as well. 

Click HERE for the Banana Puddin Pie recipe.

ENJOY and have a wonderful day. We have some perfect weather this morning in our beautiful state of WY. I sure love it here on these days. Ask me again in the winter though and I might be a little grumpier, but for now pure bliss.


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