Super Easy Hot Fudge Sauce

Picture by Simple Gourmet

Super Easy Hot Fudge Sauce

I just went to the store two days ago because the husband and the kids wanted hot fudge sundaes. They have such sweet tooth's! I am the opposite and would rather have salt and buttered popcorn any day. Seemed like a great idea to have a nice dessert with the family. Hot Fudge is not cheap and the bottle is tiny, it's cold so you have to heat it up. I ran across the Super Easy recipe of Hot Fudge Sauce to make next time we have a family treat. 

We are talking only three ingredients! That's it. I like the idea of hot, fresh hot fudge sauce instead of the store bought kind. 

Some of you have been following my FACEBOOK page and know that my husband has been suffering from Kidney Stones. Not fun at all for either of us. He found out today that chocolate is one of the things that he can't eat and is partially the cause of the stones. Bummer. This is a tribute for no more chocolate for the Hubby. Sorry Hun I will continue to enjoy this pure comfort food. 

I found this great recipe on Simply Gourmet. I have never seen her site and I am glad I had a chance to see it because I really love it! 

Click HERE for the Recipe.

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