Chicken "Dori"tos Cheese Bake

 Pictures by Bev Cooks

 Chicken "Dori"to Cheese Bake

 I haven't been able to post as much as I have wanted to this week because of the new job I started at District Court on Monday. WOW, have I been in for a learning curve. Very hard job, I miss the people so much at Circuit Court which has made me homesick but that job was only temporary and I couldn't stay. :( So far the people are great in the new job and I look forward to the challenge. This weekend I will have to make up for lost time. 

Doesn't this picture look amazing????

 Those of you who know me, know that baked cheese in a picture will always suck me right in. It certainly did with the recipe I found on Bev Cooks for Chicken Dorito Cheese Bake. This made me so hungry and would most certainly have to be served with sour cream. The recipes calls for Blue Tortilla Chips or Doritos. I am all over using the Doritos. No skimping on the cheese either! Big No No.

 I LOVE "DORI"TOS and this is a really easy quick meal to put together. 

Click HERE for the recipe.


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