Crazy Karo Crunch Popcorn

Crazy Karo Crunch

Anyone that knows me well knows that I love popcorn. I especially like natural popcorn with real melted butter on top with salt. SO MUCH BETTER than the store bought buttered kind.  I am very protective of my bowl (and pretty much all food) and I don't share well. I have been known to smack a hand or two who dares to attempt a bite. Sometimes I just growl.
I also love a good caramel popcorn but one that isn't to sweet and overloaded with the caramel. This one I found is perfect.

I am constantly buying my husband Fiddle Faddle at the dollar store. He is addicted to it. I don't like the taste (yuck) because it is to sweet and to much caramel. I wanted to make him something that was better than that so all of us in the family would enjoy it. I LOVE caramel popcorn but this recipe is better than that. It is baked, crunchy and perfect.

This recipe is amazing. I found it on Crazy Kirkham Life and it is a family recipe of hers that goes back to her Great Grandmother. It wasn't until she passed away that they started to share it. Those are always the best ones that go way back.

The ingredients and instructions are simple, easy and mouthwatering. Do it as the directions say and it will turn out amazing. She gives some good tips so read all the way through. 

Click HERE for the recipe

You will not be disappointed. Enjoy this wonderful recipe. 

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