Chicken Taco Salad

Good morning! Happy Saturday. I can't believe how beautiful it is outside this morning. Took my dog and cat for a walk this morning. Yes, I said cat, Rewfuss thinks he is a dog. The weather is perfect. 

Now that is one happy Penny. All you have to do is say walk and she is ready to go!
On our way home....

 This is Cougar and he will have nothing to do with the walk.

 Chicken Taco Salad

Yesterday I posted about getting a little bit excited about Fall but I am loving this morning.

I went to the Farmers Market this week and picked up a bunch of fruit. Next week I am going to get a bunch of really fresh vegetables and make this salad.

I found this absolutely perfect Dori approved recipe at:

Greens and Chocolate
She has some awesome recipes and I love all the ingredients.

A few things I would change would be to add chopped red onions and make the dressing with a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Make the dressing as directed with mayo and milk then add taco seasoning a little at a time until the perfect taste. Her might be a little less fattening than mine would be. In addition to that I think Homemade Tortilla Strips would be perfect on top.

 Homemade Tortilla Strips
Click on picture for recipe


Click HERE for the recipe.

Hope your weather is as good as mine. Any special plans for the weekend?


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