Philly Cheese Steak

Pictures by 1 Cup Awesome

 Philly Cheese Steak

 Today was definitely and get things done day. I have been deep cleaning ALL DAY LONG! Needless to say I was not looking my best. My 9 year old daughter walked in with a new friend and introduce her to me and said "This is my mom, she doesn't look good right now because she has been cleaning, but tomorrow she will be put together because she has to go to work".  Why thank you Kallie for that sweet introduction! 
She cracks me up, 9 years old going on 16. I'm not ready for this....

Here she is in a state of pure innocence and happiness with my son. 
I am going to miss these days...(sniff)

Okay Okay, now back to food...

While searching for a delicious recipe to share with you I ran across this awesome Philly Steak Sandwich on 1 Cup Awesome. She has a step by step tutorial with pictures to show you how to make this yummy sandwich with homemade fries. Nom Nom. 

Click HERE for the recipe.


Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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