Oven Baked Meatball Sandwiches

Pictures by Home Cooking Memories.

Oven Baked Meatball Sub Sandwiches

These look absolutely marvelous! Super easy to make and would be perfect served with a side salad. I saw these on Home Cooking Memories where she shows how you can wrap them in aluminum foil if you are having a party to keep them warm and individual. Great idea. Love this and will be making this a regular in our house, especially during football season!!!! YUM!

If you don't have a good meatball recipe you can use the ones I made with the Swedish Meatballs and Gravy post I did. You can half the recipe if you want. I love these meatballs.

The key to making great meatballs is using ground pork AND ground beef. If you want to use my meatball recipe here it is below.

1 lb of ground beef
1 lb of ground pork
1 large white or yellow onion
2 T. of butter

allspice seasoning
nutmeg seasoning
2 t. salt 
1 t. pepper
5 slices white bread
3/4 cup of milk
 2 eggs

 Click HERE for the rest of the recipe.

The perfect side salad for your meatball subs. YUMMY!


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