Grow an Herb Garden Inside or Out

This is on my stove at this very moment!

Oh my Goodness! Does my house smell wonderful!  I got this idea off Pinterest from 
One More MooreThis is what William Sonoma uses in their stores to make that wonderful smell you get when you walk in! 

Spring is Coming!

I didn't have any Rosemary so I went to the store to get some. The Rosemary was $2.89 for a small little plastic container of them! I thought how easy it would have been if I had just had a Rosemary pot that I could snip a couple of pieces off throw it in and I was done. That is how this post today was born. 

My newest project is I am going to create an Herb Garden indoors that I can keep in small pots so I can have it available to me year round when I need it. I can dry them when I want to and make my own seasonings or make gifts to give to others. Below you will find some really great ideas for growing an Herb Garden and more that in found while trying to decide which was I want to do mine. 

 This is such a clever way to mark the herbs. Chop off the top of a stick and write it in or buy chalkboard paint and write it on the outside. 

Love the pots these are in with the burlap underneath. 

LOVE this sign. That would be so EASY to make!

Plant herbs in old Tin containers. 

These are so adorable! 
Use a drain up to do a vertical herb garden.

Use a large pot to grow several different herbs.

Buy these from a dollar store or Thrift Store and repaint them. 

Hang your herbs to dry


Herb Basics
This is a wonderful site from Martha Stewart on Herb Basics. 

                          SOURCE                                                         SOURCE   

Darling gift. You can find cute cups all the time at the Thrift Store. 

I have to get these scissors! What a easy way to cut up herbs. 

Do you have an Herb Garden? How did you do it? Indoors or Outdoors or both? 


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