Trellis Inside and Out! Decoration Ideas

There are many different unique ways to decorate with Trellis in your Garden and your Home. These are just a few ideas that I found to add that little touch. I especially love climbing flowers and the older looking the Trellis the better. 
Spring is coming so get ready to take some new ideas to your backyard and house. 

My dream! Love how they don't let the flowers over take the heart. So cute!

Nice Shading 

So pretty but would love to see what it looks like when the vines have grown in.

So Clever. Love it. 

Great for a small patio or balcony.

Upside down fence used as a Trellis. 

Cute Bean Trellis

Trellis on wall to hang gardening tools.

Love this Barbwire Trellis


Gutted lamp from the thrift store turned into pot trellis. Darling

Bamboo Sticks.

Cute for an outdoor party.

Hopefully you found something you liked and are planning on a new project. Did you see something you like? Would love to hear your comments!

 Something so simple can add so much. Good Luck. Thanks for stopping by.


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